Coaches' and Managers' Manual 2019 Location of the Scorecard letterbox

Marist Canberra Football Club cannot function without Team Managers. They greatly assist with the running of a team and relieve the Coach of administrative matters, leaving the Coach free to concentrate on coaching.

If you would like to manage a team, please register as a Volunteer on, and your details will be forwarded to us.

The Manager’s main responsibilities are:

  • Paying the referee and assistant referees’ fees, which are reimbursed by the Club.
  • Providing the referee with match cards.
  • Checking and signing the match cards after the match and returning the original card (only if you are the home team) by Monday lunchtime to Marist Canberra Football Club drop-off box which is attached to the back of the first rubbish bin you encounter as you walk from the driveway towards the Uniform Shop. You can also leave it at the Junior School front office.
  • All team managers need to send their team's scores into the Scores Coordinator by 5.15pm: send a text message to 0491 160 484.
  • Drawing up a parent’s roster for washing shirts, canteen duty and half-time drinks (plain water is best). NOTE: shirts should not be ironed, as they will disintegrate!
  • Obtaining shirts from the Equipment Officer at the beginning of the season and returning at the end of the season. (Note: These are not be handed out to players to keep for the season. They are to be collected after each game and kept together.)
  • Disseminating team lists, the draw and ground locations to parents.
  • Be the team point of contact with the Marist Committee and other clubs.
  • Ascertain whether any parents have first aid qualifications.

On match days, the Manager ensures that tasks required to conduct the match are attended to. These include:

  • Dressing and undressing fields when the team is playing at home. Dressing the field entails collecting the necessary equipment, erecting the goal nets, and inserting corner flags and halfway flags (these should be placed one metre away from the sideline, not right on the sideline). Undressing fields entails taking down goal nets, the corner flags, and related equipment (mallet, stepladder, etc.) and returning them to the collection point or to the soccer storage room at the College.
  • A schedule indicating which teams are responsible for dressing and undressing the fields is shown on the board outside the storage room each Saturday and will be emailed to you before the game.
  • The storage room is located beside next to the Pavilion entrance at the northern end of the tennis courts.
  • NOTE: the first team to play at the relevant ground must collect the First Aid Kit, and the last team to play must return all equipment to Marist.

Please contact the President or any committee member if you have any difficulties.



Last updated 29 January 2021.

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