Wet Weather Notifications

When wet weather raises the prospect of games being cancelled, the procedures for finding out whether games or training have been cancelled due to wet weather or grounds conditions are as follows

ACT Government sportsgrounds

ACT Government sportsgrounds are listed at https://actsportsgrounds.act.gov.au/home. The ACT Government provides a Wet Weather Hotline on 02 6207 5957. This is a recorded message only, and only applies to weekdays.

If the ACT Sportsground Office closes all grounds in the ACT, all junior football games are cancelled.

Marist College grounds

Grounds at Marist are under the control of Marist College. As a general rule, if ACT sportsgrounds are closed, then the Marist fields are also closed. The College will determine by 1.00pm on any given day if ovals will be closed. This information will be sent to all Clubs and announced to the boys before the end of the school day. The College has procedures for advising students in both the Senior and Junior Schools of weekday grounds closures.

Marist Canberra Football Club notice of grounds closures

As soon as the club is notified of the closure of ACT Government sportsgrounds for a particular day, or of the closure of Marist College grounds, all coaches and managers will be notified by email, and the manager or the coach should then pass the news to affected players and parents. Cancellations will also be posted on our Facebook page as soon as possible thereafter.

Last updated 28 April 2019.

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