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Referee Fees for 2020

The Capital Football scale of referee fees for Junior League matches in 2020 is available from Capital Football and is also shown in the table below.

Each team will pay half of these fees before the match begins.

For U10 and U11 games at Marist College, the Marist Football team will also pay the …

Working with Vulnerable People

Marist Canberra Football Club mandates that all adults who have regular contact with our club players and students MUST have an up-to-date valid Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) card. This will be checked by the club and evidence sought.

We encourage you to visit the Canberra Connect website …

Information for Sporting Club Volunteers

Marist College implementation of the Working With Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011:



Coaches' and Managers' Manual 2019 Location of the Scorecard letterbox

Marist Canberra Football Club cannot function without Team Managers. They greatly assist with the running of a team and relieve the Coach of administrative matters, leaving the Coach free to concentrate on coaching.

If you …


Coaches' and Managers' Manual 2019

Marist Canberra Football Club cannot function without the continuing assistance of volunteers to take on the roles of Coach or Manager. If you would like to coach or manage a team, please register as a Volunteer on myfootballclub.com.au, and your details will be …


Football referees are the third team in the game. Their job is to ensure a game is played in a fair manner. Refereeing is a great way to keep fit and get paid. Some people referee to stay in the sport. We encourage anyone who is a family member of a student at Marist to take up the whistle. In 2018 …

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