Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to a select group of dedicated people who have given a tremendous amount to the Marist Canberra Football Club. Listed here are those who have received Life Membership of Marist Canberra Football Club, and the year of the award.

Name Year Appointed
Cristian Meza 2023
Troy Kleppe 2022
Duc Mac 2021
Phillip Moufarrige 2019
Lewis, Chris, Hugh and Pauline Brocklehurst 2017
Deb and Ollie McInerney 2016
Murray Kimber 2016
Jim Mennie 2015
Joe Briguglio 2014
Michael Kilfoyle 2013
Mario Sallecchia 2013
Angela Waldon 2013
Robert Hush 2013
Sam Caggiano 2013
Patrick Bellgard 2013
Phil Aungles 2013
Jack Kynaston 2013
Peter Verdon 2013
Richard Barrington-Knight 2013
Julie Wade 2013
Robert Wade 2013
Judy Hall 2013
Kreso Gavran 2013
Suzette Thompson 2013

Last updated 13 September 2023.

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