Football has been competitively played at Marist College since 1978, when Marist College fielded an U14 team coached by Mr. Barbour. A vacancy had come up in the local competition and Mr. Manion, President of the Marist College Soccer Club, approached some of the boys who were coaching junior teams to get together and form an U14 team. This team included Peter Hugg, who was the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Football Tournament Director and a FIFA representative.

That team went on to play in the U15s and in 1980 were runners up in the U16/17 age group. In 1981 the First X1 played in the Canberra League Division 4. The coach was Des Jordan and the team included Nigel Boundy, Peter Day (Goalie and now Father Peter Day), Anthony Dewhurst, Patrick Langtry, David Lewis, Anthony Martin, Peter Phillips, Michael Uzzell, Laurence Vickery (Captain), Andrew Wood and Michael Zietihofer. The first team to win a premiership for Marist was an U9 team in 1980. This team was coached by two Year 11 boys, Nigel Boundy and Colin Tulley.

The Marist College annual yearbook has chronicled the club's history since 1984: to mark the club's 40th anniversary in 2018, below are links to the soccer/football pages from the yearbook, now known as Blue and Blue, from 1984 to the present.

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