The Marist spirit for parents and players

Here is what we ask of parents and boys on Marist teams. These things create a great team:

  1. Never question the referee's decision and never yell anything negative towards the referee. If there is a serious issue with the refereeing, the coach will have a discussion with them.
  2. Only ever offer positive support. Do not tell the boys, or anybody else, what you think they are doing wrong. Instead celebrate loudly and proudly the amazing things they are doing well.
  3. Applaud and celebrate the good play of the opposition team.
  4. Remember that we send our sons to Marist College so that they will become even greater gentlemen than they are already. Our behaviour on the sideline has a huge influence on that, and on the development of their values.

Please discuss this with your son before the competition begins. Make an agreement between both of you that we will, as a team of players and parents, play hard and with respect.

Last updated 25 April 2017.

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