Referee Fees for 2020

The Capital Football scale of referee fees for Junior League matches in 2020 is available from Capital Football and is also shown in the table below.

Each team will pay half of these fees before the match begins.

For U10 and U11 games at Marist College, the Marist Football team will also pay the Assistant Referee(s) at the rate of half the Referee's fee. The opposing U10/U11 team does not pay the Assistant Referee(s).

Parents acting as Assistant Referees are not paid.

Division Referee Assistant Referee
U18 $50 $25
U16 $44 $22
U15 $40 $20
U14 $35 $17.50
U13 $32 $16
U12 $28 $14
U11 $17 $8.50 [Marist fee]
U10 $15 $7.50 [Marist fee]

Last updated 4 February 2020.

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