Marist Football Coronavirus Update as at 16 May 2020

It is with much pleasure the Marist Football Club Committee is able to make this post.

You will have noted the exciting media report that flagged the ACT's desire to commence a return to community sport. Capital Football has undertaken considerable planning during the lockdown in anticipation of the return to play. In the coming week, they will release details to clubs on the preparations necessary, timings of our eventual return, and the structure of the pending competition. Capital Football has already published:

It is clear at this stage that there will need to be some accommodations made to play in the post-lockdown environment. The focus for 2020 will be on maximising participation in the safest possible way, rather than rolling out the usual structured season most of us are familiar with.

While we are very excited about a return to the field, Marist Canberra Football Club takes its lead from both Capital Football and Marist College. To that end, we will continue to wait for advice before we start gathering in our teams to train.

In the meantime, the Marist Football Club Committee will get back to finalising the administrative preparations necessary to field teams. Our first priority is a shared one, and involves securing coaches (and training them where necessary). To our parents, carers, extended family and family friends: if you are affiliated with any of the following teams, please consider stepping forward and taking up the privilege to be a coach: U14/3 Royal, U14/3 Sky, U13/1, U13/3, U12/2, U11 White, U11 Blue, U10 Green and U10 Blue.

  • The Marist Football committee is working hard to ensure the club is ready and able to return to training as soon as possible.
  • Marist College is working hard to ensure it can support all sporting codes returning to training as soon as possible.
  • Marist College will decide when Marist Football can return to training and how that will occur at the college fields.
  • The club will need to satisfy implicitly ACT Government and Capital Football guidelines at all non-school fields.
  • Ensuring a safe training environment is our first priority for returning to training—and that means we must have enough coaches.

The Club is working on the return to training plan with Capital Football and the school. The school is holding a planning meeting in the next week to assist clubs and provide guidance for their plans. No training will resume until approval is given by Marist College.

Last updated 16 May 2020.

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