Team photos: 31 July and 1 August 2019

Team photos will be taken in the Pavilion on Wednesday 31 July and Thursday 1 August 2019.
The boys will need to wear their full football uniform, including the correct socks, and boots.
Orders will be made online or on the day, please see below.


31 July 2019

Friday afternoon freestyle football with Jack Kynaston

Jack Kynaston's freestyle football is available on Fridays at Marist on Oval 3 from 3:30–5pm.

Jack's freestyle football clinics are great fun and very rewarding for boys who want to be there and want to learn. They are not suited to boys who are not personally interested, motivated or are forced …

Cowra Carnival 20-21 July

For those looking for a less serious but tremendously enjoyable carnival, the Cowra tournament is a great weekend away to a historically significant regional centre. Many teams have made this a weekend away, combining football with touring and shared adventure.

This tournament is supported by the …

Training Grounds and Schedule

Training will be held at Marist College and other grounds as outlined in the attached schedule. Coaches will advise when training for each team will commence—please check with your coach if unsure.

Training Schedule 2019 as at 29 April 2019

Last updated 29 April 2019.

The Marist spirit for parents and players

Here is what we ask of parents and boys on Marist teams. These things create a great team:

  1. Never question the referee's decision and never yell anything negative towards the referee. If there is a serious issue with the refereeing, the coach will have a discussion with them.
  2. Only ever offer …

Information for Sporting Club Volunteers

Marist College implementation of the Working With Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011:

Information For Sporting Club Volunteers

Home ground allocations for this week

There are three football grounds at Marist College itself, but as we share two of these grounds with the Marist Canberra Rugby Club, many of our games have to be played at fields outside Marist College. Marist Canberra Football Club therefore has four 'home ground' locations, and teams that are …

Coaches' and Managers' Manual

Coaches' and Managers' Manual 2019

The Manual contains a mine of information about playing for the Club: we hope users will appreciate it!

Last updated 29 May 2019.

Rebel Sport scheme pays dividends

Rebel Sport scheme pays dividends

Thanks to all players and parents who used the Rebel Sport Support your Sport scheme in 2013. From the credits accumulated through the scheme last year, Marist Canberra Football Club will be able to replenish some of our equipment for 2014, in particular to …

Please note that the scheme will continue in 2014. All you need to do to participate (online or at the local store) is join the Rebel Season Pass loyalty program. Then, every time you purchase anything at Rebel Sport, remember to swipe your rebel Season Pass , and the club will start accumulating …

Working with Vulnerable People Registration

Parents who intend to be involved with the club this year in any capacity, such as coach, manager, etc, will be required to comply with the ACT Government's new requirements for Working with Vulnerable People Registration. Please see our relevant policy for further detail.

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