The club will have a completely new uniform for 2016. The colours will be navy blue and sky blue replacing the previous royal blue and sky blue.

Jerseys will be loaned to players and handed out by coaches. Shorts will be the current navy college PE shorts - with sky blue piping and crest. A pair of the new Marist FC socks will be provided to all boys registering in 2016, the cost of which is included in the registration fee.

Therefore there is no need to purchase any football-specific shorts or socks for 2016.

Other items required, such as boots and shin guards, are to be purchased by each player. The wearing of shin guards is compulsory for all games and training. Players are requested to wear their college tracksuit or the MCFC sloppy joe to and from games.

All jerseys (including the goalkeeper jersey and goalkeeper gloves) are provided by the Club and remain Club property.

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